The social aspect of Delta Tau Delta is essential in shaping young men into leaders and gentlemen. During a typical semester, Delta Tau Delta hosts twelve or more social events including Mixers with sororities, date parties, semi-formal, and formal.  These events are closed to Delts and their guests.

Date Parties: Date parties are lots of fun. They are a casual, usually themed event that you invite either that special someone to, or just a friend. First you go out to dinner with your date and brothers, then you head to the evening’s destination. Theme’s have included: Graffiti, Head Bangers’ Ball, All Stars, Woodstock, and many more.

Formals: Formals are a great way to live it up for the weekend. They often involve going to some destination, such as Kansas City or Houston, and enjoying the weekend with your date and brothers. Activities usually include an upscale restaurant, the actual formal usually held in a ballroom of the hotel, and finally a more casual party afterward.

Coke Dates: Coke dates are primarily for the Freshman new member class. Usually you will have one or two coke dates a week where you and your new member class take the freshman class of a sorority out on a simple date. These serve as excellent opportunities to get to know many girls very quickly.

Dinner Exchanges: Dinner exchanges are lots of fun. A dinner exchange is when a fraternity and a sorority both send half of their house to the other house to eat dinner in a semi formal setting. These events are also great ways to get to know the members of sororities around campus.

Brotherhood: Brotherhood events are also held throughout the year and are a great time to kick back and hang out with your brothers. Free from the stresses of school and other activities for a weekend makes a great time to get to know your brothers on a more personal level.  This year’s events included a trip to Iowa, a river float trip, a lake trip, and several camping trips.