Why Delt?

Values Based Organization
Delta Tau Delta is a value driven organization, and for that reason we strive to base our daily decisions upon the mission and values of our Fraternity. Our members live by the principles of truth, courage, faith, power, integrity, accountability, and life-long commitment to improving ourselves and the community. Growing a fraternity around these values sets forth the expectations for how the fraternity will run and the behavior within the Fraternity. Bringing these values into our Brotherhood allows for personal and organizational accountability and overall excellence.

At Delta Tau Delta, we strive to be the best we can be in terms of academics. We understand that we are students of Oklahoma State University before we are Delts. In the Spring 2017 Semester, Delta Tau Delta ranked second out of the 24 IFC recognized houses in terms of House-wide GPA. We offer study hours and a study hall which blocks out all outside sounds to ensure a high quality of studying.

Leadership Academy
The academy is a personal development process based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. This process is not designed to create better presidents or recruitment chairman, but to offer our undergraduates the opportunity to assess their personal skills, strengths and weaknesses; so that they may better prepare themselves for their future. Recently added to our leadership development opportunities is an experimental process that takes place in the Rocky Mountains, and another on the North Atlantic off the coast of Maine. The purpose of this expedition is to provide the basics of outdoor leadership including basic communication and leadership skills.

Who is a Delt?
Join the ranks of thousands of Delts. Over 150,000 men have been initiated into Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. These men are doctors, lawyers, teachers, athletes, musicians, senators, businessmen, fathers, grandfathers, mentors, advisers, etc.  Becoming a Delt offers you an instant connection between these men and you, a connection that could result in some phenomenal life experiences and advice.

Not only are these men Delts, they also give back to their organization. Delta Tau Delta is the #1 Fraternity in terms of per member giving and has one of the largest Educational Foundations in the fraternity world. Alumni giving has endowed our leadership programming and is establishing the funds to keep us among the leaders in the fraternity world.

Note: You must complete the Online Registration and pay a $40 fee to IFC before we can officially process your bid and break your contract with residential life.

The Delt Shelter:
Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
1306 W. University Ave.
Stillwater, OK 74074